Saturday, January 10, 2015

Indian Movie Star Darshan Falls Off Icelandic Horse and Makes National News

Darshan Thoogudeep is a very popular movie star and producer in India.    He was making an action film Brindavana (released 2013), part of which was flmed in Iceland, when he fell off an Icelandic horse whose foot  slipped off the road while tolting.  The fall was serious enough to require a hospital visit and wearing of a support collar.  The clip made national news in India.  

The plot of the movie involves two step brothers who are rivals in the same village.  Two women in the same village have problems, one of who is engaged to be married to one of the step brothers.  The character played by Darshan comes to the village, he and one of the woman fall in love, and he also helps to resolve some of the villages issues caused by the rival step brothers.  I have not done justice to the plot of the movie.

I have no idea how the footage filmed in Iceland fits into the plot of the movie.  Evidently two songs and several scenes were filmed there.  

Here is a 40 minute special devoted to a discussion of how the accident with the Icelandic horse happened--there are a passages in English discussing tolt versus trot versus canter and mulitple repeats of the accident in slo-motion.

Here is one song filmed in Iceland, which does not involve a horse:

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