Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bad Banana Boy or Blessi's Reading Habits

How Blessi peels a banana.
At the end of a summer yard sale, there were a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy books left over. Jim kindly let me "check out" a bunch of these books for reading and eventual return. I have been having a great time re-reading some of my favorite authors from 20 years ago-- discovering that I may have "outgrown" that particular author no matter how charming the talking otter originally seemed to me.  However, I took one of Jim's books to the stable and ended up writing the following email.

Topic:  Cost of Exile's Gate Book
Dear Jim,

Today, Blessi had a vet appointment and needed to be lightly put under anesthesia.  At the end of the appointment, there was a bit of a mess to clean up in the wash stall. So I turned Blessi out into the arena to sleep off his horsey drunkenness. 

Well never assume that Blessi is too sleepy to get into mischief. I had forgotten to close the door to stable owner's private tack area. Crash. Over went the waste basket in this area so I had to clean up the spilled stuff, back Blessi out of the tack room, and lock the door.

So what else could Blessi get into I thought as I went back to cleaning--he was not walking very steady so how far could he go? I go back to cleaning up but I decided to check on Blessi after 5 minutes.

Blessi was over by the mounting block nosing at something on the ground. It was your book Exile's Gate and a banana. Or should I say the remains of an exceeding ripe banana smeared over your book--and both items were sprinkled over with gravel. Yuck!!!

I don't like exceedingly ripe bananas but Blessi does so I had brought the banana over to give to Blessi as a treat when I took Blessi back to his home pasture. And I meant to read your book as I waited for Blessi to wake up. And how did Blessi get most of the banana out of the peel without opposable thumbs?

So Jim, I will either purchase Exile's Gate from you at whatever price you indicate or I will buy you a new copy of the book. I am sorry that Blessi has such messy eating habits when he is reading.
Regards, Pamela
I was still puzzled as to how Blessi managed to 'peel' a banana.  So I took a banana to the stables and video taped the process.  Blessi sure had fun.  Note:  This will be the last time Blessi gets an unpeeled banana (I hope) since there is a possibility that he may mistakenly swallow part of the peel. 

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