Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blessi and the RC Toy Car -- Part 1

Having read about the University of Sydney experiment in which a radio controlled toy car was used in place of a trainer in a round pen, I decided to see how Blessi would react to a RC.

I had Blessi tied up in a corner so I could set up the experiment without his "help."  At the beginning of the video, I have just released him from the tying post and he voluntarily heads toward the tarp.  It was a windy day.

Note the car will not move in the arena dirt so I put it on a tarp and it still mostly spun its wheels.  Blessi has voluntarily come up to investigate the car.  He hears its motor for the first time and snorts at it.  He was definitely worried about the toy car as evidenced by the snorting but he is convinced there will be a carrot.

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