Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blessi and the Knightly Challenge

Photo by Dawn Gilbert
Blessi and I attended a SCA event inspired by the medieval French tract Traictié de la forme et devis d'un tournoy written by René of Anjou around 1460 on how to stage a tournament.  My back was a bit sore (sleeping on a cot in the horse trailer will do that) so we didn't actually compete that day.  However we did participate in the introductions to the fair and noble judges.  We were accompanied by our own musician also.  The herald is carrying my personal banner and introduced us to the judges.   And as you can see by the pictures below, Blessi even begged a carrot from the judge.

Photo by Dawn Gilbert

Personally I am rather pleased with the name that I devised.  Jófríðr hin víðfara Mánadóttir --which in old Norse roughly translates as "Beautiful or beloved, far travelling horse, daughter of the moon." 

My garb was suppose to be more Byzantine  than Norse with the cover story that my father had taken service in the Varangian Guard, the personal bodyguards of the Byzantine emperor.


Below is the challenge that the herald read as we entered the lists. 

Photo by Dawn Gilbert
Greetings unto our august judges and other most brave and honorable lords and ladies here at the powerful Madrone Barony.  I, Veigar frá Búðardal--- son of Jarl frá Búðardal son of Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I, son of Hrafn frá Holtsmúla son of Snæfaxi frá Páfastöðum son of Blesi frá Stóru-Gröf ytri----known as Blessi the Brave Steed--have journeyed from Iceland, the Land of the Vikings, to partner with my lady Jófríðr  Far Traveler Mánadóttir on this day of pageantry and panoply. 

I have persuaded Jófríðr to essay the more daring equestrian pursuits of pig sticking, birjas, ring tilt, and quintain.  We shall dazzle not by our speed or force of arms but by our good fellowship and mirth.  We hope to provide much amusement for the ladies fair and other worthy spectators at this the eleventh Emprise of the Black Lion.

Know us by our proposed arms azure an argent horse en tőlt charged on the shoulder with a gules seeblatt and sinister chief argent increscent in base a bar wavy argent.

Let us not forget that the very word Chivalry comes from the French word “cheval” so let us pay proper respect to the noble steeds here.  I, Blessi the Brave and my lady Jódrid, am confident that we can make a showing to you that is worthy of your noble attention.  We look forward to uniting in Chivalry with our brethren from far off lands.  We ride for chivalry and adventure.  Charge on!"
I do have to admit that the Herald begged off from reading Blessi's entire lineage since Old Norse was not her skill set.

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