Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blessi and the Herald

During the SCA Autumn Wars, Blessi was drafted into being a mount for the herald Alain ap Neal.  Horse handler is Rachael A.  Mounted heralds typically cry out the daily schedule periodically throughout the campsite.  Horses need to be extra steady to serve in this capacity since they a) wear a loud set of bells to warn people unfamiliar with horses that one is in the area, b) carry a shouting herald who may or may not have horse experience, and c) adapt to billowing tents, knights fighting in full armor, children running up to the horse, merchants hawking their wares, and all the other distractions of an armed encampment.

Blessi did well in his first experience.  The biggest problem was diving for grass.  He could not understand why he could not graze when we were stopped and the herald was busy crying out the day's news--especially since the event was held on a newly harvested hay field.  And after the first few announcements, Blessi knew to the word how long the speach was going to take and he walked off without aids (sometimes it is not good to have a smart horse).

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