Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blessi and the RC Toy Car -- Part 3

At this point, I have moved the toy car to a plastic carpet that provides a little more traction for its wheels. Blessi has decided that if the car won't go, he will make it go. At the end of the video, he comes looking for a carrot and he gets his first carrot in this experiment. 

At this point, Blessi has about 5 minutes exposure to the RC Toy car.  I think he is a bit braver than the average horse.  Our vet thinks that Blessi is only half horse and the other half must be dog, possibly lab.

Blessi ate a carrot off the top of the car--he ate it before I could start filming. He has now "bonded" with the toy car and will follow it--at least to the end of the rug. The total elapsed time of this experiment (from Part 1 to Part 4) was about 10 minutes.

If I taped a carrot to the top of the car, I bet Blessi would chase it around the arena--he would express a lot more interest in free longeing.

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