Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blessi--How to Court a Mare

I went to a clinic this weekend. During the clinic, Blessi continued to generate stories for future children's books.

Blessi was pastured with Freya, a 5-year old Icelandic mare. They shared a ride to the clinic in my trailer and it was love at first sight. We put them in the same pasture and I predicted that Blessi would follow his usual pattern of courting mares. Instead of puffing himself up and prancing around the pasture like most geldings or stallions, he goes all calm and quiet. He then takes a few steps towards the mare and goes Cary Grant cool again. Within 15 minutes he almost always succeeds in beginning to groom the mare's withers and within one hour the mare is grooming him back. Well the pattern continued with Freya.

Freya and Blessi shared the hay piles, groomed each other, and took naps together. When one of the clinic participants started to drive home last night, she noticed a strange thing in the pasture---something was twirling so she stopped to investigate.

Blessi had pulled up a long clump of grass with a dirt clod attached. He was twirling it in the air, stopping, and looking at Freya who was a foot away to see if it met her approval. He then continued twirling. This initiative continued for a long time.

During the ride home, we had to take the trailer on a ferry. Right before the ferry docked, Freya's owner and I checked on the horses before disembarking. There was a spinning movement in the front of the trailer. Blessi was twirling his hay bag, looking at Freya, and then twirling it again. He has never done this before. Freya must have approved. OR maybe he was trying to hypnotize her.

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