Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Horse Personality Test

Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow have recently published a book "From Know You, Know Your Horse." I haven't read the book so I am neither recommending nor not recommending the book. However, they have published a horse personality questionnaire available at:


I find such questionnaires useful because they make you think about your horse and how it reacts to stimuli. You can also compare how you categorize your horse with how your trainer categorizes your horse and discuss why you have similarities and differences of opinion and how that may affect a training program.

Sometimes the results of these questionnaires can vary widely for the same horse depending on who is answering the questions. My friends and I answered these questions about our horses and sometimes we agreed about how the horse was described and sometimes we differed widely. In fact, we often disagreed about how to answer the individual questions about each horse. To me, your left-brain introvert is a right brained extrovert and vice versa.

This questionnaire is designed as a forced choice. You must select one of two choices as best representing your horse. Interestingly, I could not answer about 25% of the questions because they just did not apply to Blessi or the results would vary greatly depending on situation. Some examples:
33. My horse can spin on a dime.
34. He goes more slowly the more you push him.
5. My horse likes to see the tail of another horse in front of him.
6. He has a lot of endurance.
So I don't know if Icelandics tend to not fit the typical stereotypes of how horses tend to react or I am being too literal in reading the questions. I do know that I would be reluctant to apply prescribed training methods just based on the results of this survey.

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