Friday, June 21, 2013

Yakut Horse

Source: Wikipedia
What an interesting horse! Some quick internet research shows that these horses have a close link to Mongolian horses, which recent mtDNA research shows are related to Icelandic horses. However, the Yakut horse has been outbred to a number of other breeds.

Here is a link to an article that a member of the Long Riders Guild wrote about his stay with the Yakuts and their horses.

As Vassili, a 75-year old Yakut horse owner and trainer comments:

"You know, if we end up with an aggressive and violent horse or foal, it can take up to a year before we can ride it", Vassili continues to explain, "we never beat or use violence when training a horse. It has to take its time. This is a graceful and sensitive animal. And, I have to point out this, if a person
has to beat a horse to make it do what one wants, this person is no horseman. He's a brute."

The Yakuts don't, as an example of their horsemanship, use a whip, riding stick or anything more brutal than this to command their horse.

"I am of the opinion", Vassili states, "that if you're together with a horse every day for many years and after all this time still needs to beat the horse, you don't understand horses. A real cowboy knows how to get his horse to do what he wants it to do, without using force."

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