Sunday, June 23, 2013

I thought it was called a puptent

I had some left over material so I decided to make my cats a tent.  Ok, call me crazy cat lady.  The directions call for the support posts to be made out of spline, a type of flexible wood slat used to hold down caning in chairs.  Of course, stores don't carry basket weaving supplies anymore  so I had to improvise--always a dangerous thing.  I had some wires for flower arrangements so I taped them together in bundles instead--they sort of worked.

I put the assembled tent down for the cats and WASU immeditely entered and settled down for a nap.  Merci, the younger cat, started dive bombing him and the tent collapsed.  I guess I do need spline after all.  Of course, I had forgotten my camera.

The following video shows what happened after I reassembled the tent and remembered to fetch my camera.  Cats and children always play with the package rather than the gift.

The cats have decided that they love the tent.  Merci moved in early last night and would not let WaSU in the tent.  He kept trying to get in with her and she kept wapping him with her paw.  This morning, she relented and he crawled in with her.  It is 11:45 am and they are still both in the tent.  I wonder if they are getting up to some kitty hanky panky?

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