Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blessi walks down the aisle

Amanda had a childhood dream of riding down the aisle on horse back and having the groom sweep her out of the saddle.  When her 18-year old brother heard about Amanda's idea, he predicted that she was getting dumped in the middle of the ceremony.  

Amanda asked to borrow Blessi.  Amanda's wedding dress was long and tight with a flare at the bottom.  We tried to find a side saddle but no such luck.  We experimented and found that she could ride in my English saddle with one leg over the pommel.  For the first time in my life, I was glad that I had a big butt so there was room for her unusual riding arrangement.

The day of the wedding was quite windy so the wedding party kept moving more and more stuff into the arena--wall decorations, chairs, wedding arch, vase stands and flowers, etc.  Eventually even the banquet tables and chairs and food tables came in.  Baby strollers with and without crying babies were parked near the door of the arena.  I was thinking to myself "We never practiced any of this with Blessi. And he never had anybody sweep his rider out of the saddle."  I gave the "minister" some peppermints, in case he needed to distract Blessi from walking off.

Amanda's family was from Oklahoma and I was fairly sure that they were not familiar with Icelandics.  I resolved to not mention Blessi's breed until after the ceremony.  If something went wrong, he was a Hafflinger.  If everything went well, he was an Icelandic.  Hafflinger or Icelandic--  you decide.

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Fuzzlizard said...

Way to go, Blessi! Icelandic all the way! :)