Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blessiblog article used in Wikipedia article on Icelandic horse

Snap shot of Wikipedia page
Wikipedia now lists my article on the Detecting Icelandic Horse Origins, which summarizes historical sources, mtDNA research, and literary references on the topic,  as Reference 18 in their  item on the Icelandic horse.  I am very flattered that the editors found the researched information useful. Interestingly, Reference 18 points to my article that is published on the home web site of the Nortland breed society in Norway.   I originally wrote the article for the USIHC quarterly and the Nortland breed society kindly forwarded a picture of Nortland horses to us.  It seems sad that the easiest way to access this article is through another web page of another breed rather than through an Icelandic horse source.

You can read my article via the following link:

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