Monday, October 6, 2014

Icelandic Horses in Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I just finished watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, an enjoyable film that celebrates the secret, internal  fantasy life that we all have yet encourages us to make our dreams turn into reality.  Without going into the plot details, Walter, played by Ben Stiller, has to track down a misplaced negative, which is suppose to be on the cover of the last edition of Life magazine, by tracing the travels of the photographer Sean O'Connell (Sean Penn) to Greenland, Iceland, Afghanistan, and the Himalayas.

Right after the

At one point, an Afghan warlord stabs a piece of Clementine cake baked by Walter's mother, the camera pulls back and we see the warlord and his men seated on their mountain horses.  "Hum, those horses look like Icelandics but what are Icelandic horses doing in Afghanistan?," I think to myself.  So I went to the internet to look up the locations used for filming.  Per Wikipedia:

"The portions of the film set in Nuuk, Greenland, were in fact shot in Stykkishólmur, a village on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland, and Höfn, a village in southeast Iceland. Later sequences set in Stykkishólmur were actually filmed in Seyðisfjörður. The sequences where Walter Mitty follows Sean to Afghanistan were also filmed in Iceland, at the Skogafoss waterfall and in Vatnajökull National Park."  Source:

So the horses really are Icelandics not really cute Afghan horses.  You can catch a glimpse of the Icelandic horses--actually just the tips of their ears--around minute 2:28 of the trailer above.

Aaron Sagers was inspired by the film to make his own trip to Iceland and re-create many of Walter's adventures.  You can read about it here:

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