Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monty Roberts Round Pens Lauki

In my posting on October 10, I discussed some of the new research on round penning for dominance and how if done it certain ways exert too much pressure on the horse and needlessly frighten it--a method that does not work well with many Icelandics.  You can use the link below to view a video of Monty Roberts working with Lauki, an Icelandic horse that is difficult to catch. (I can't embed the video since the embed feature has been turned off.)

Before watching this video, PLEASE TURN OFF THE SOUND so you can evaluate what the trainer is doing without being distracted by what he is telling you he is doing.  Some questions to ask yourself:

- What is happening 21 seconds into the video?  Is Lauki ready to "join up?"  Did that big hand motion from Roberts drive him away?

- At minute 1:03, why did Roberts make that huge body motion?

- Starting at minute 1:45, Roberts starts tossing his rope at Lauki.  Is that too much pressure or just the right amount of pressure?  How is Lauki reacting?

- Around minute 3:45, Roberts tones down his body language and becomes much more inviting.  How is Lauki reacting?  Would this type of body language have worked as well with some carrots?

 It important for the owners of the Icelandic horse, or any horse for that manner, to understand how round penning is being used as a tool and why a horse is responding—is it due to positive reinforcement, release from pressure, or avoidance of fear.  

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