Friday, October 3, 2014

Swedish Mounted Archery Team--Mostly Icelandics

Many Icelandics have a smooth canter--it may not always be the ideal, 3-beat desired in dressage but it is smooth.  And the Icelandic horse character tends to be very steady which makes an ideal combination for mounted archery.    Anders O Jönsson, 2012 Swedish mounted archery champion, and several of his teammates ride Icelandic horses.!sweden/caub

At the 2014  Grand Prix in Sweden shown in the video below, members of the team from Great Britain borrowed Icelandic horses from Anders.  Claire Sawyer (GB) wrote the following about riding her borrowed Icelandic mount "I did feel a little bit of a fraud since the arrow was in a stand on a step and my horse (not pony!) was only 12h2, there was only reaching out involved no requirement to hang off the horse  Nevertheless I was chuffed to pick the arrow each time and especially the time I hit the qabaq target too."

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