Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old Heroes--Icelandic Stallions to Exhibit in 2013 Berlin World Championships

Older Icelandic stallions were exhibited at the 2013 Icelandic Horse World Championship in Berlin.

"Twenty-three horses aged 20 years and older have already been registered to the oldies category, the oldest of which is 35. Most of these are famous stallions which were born in Iceland and which horse enthusiasts are likely to remember but haven’t seen in years."


The stallions, celebrated as "old heroes" were displayed on Saturday, August 10.   Most of them had won World Championship titles in their prime.  It is amazing to watch the video below as friends and supporters of each stallion carry flags representing the country of origin and countries for which the horse competed.  The last half of the video shows many of the stallions still showing their paces around the competition track.  Around minute 11:27 there is an amazing video of a loose rein flying pace.

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