Friday, August 16, 2013

Icelandic Horse Fabric Inspired by William Morris

Liberty Fabrics is marketing a line of fabrics inspired by William Morris' Poem "Iceland First Seen."

Liberty Fabrics--Manning
"Lo from our loitering ship a new land at last to be seen;
Toothed rocks down the side of the firth on the east guard a weary wide lea,
And black slope the hillsides above, striped adown with their desolate green:
And a peak rises up on the west from the meeting of cloud and of sea,
Foursquare from base unto point like the building of Gods that have been,
The last of that waste of the mountains all cloud-wreathed and snow-flecked and grey,
And bright with the dawn that began just now at the ending of day."

You can read the rest of the poem here:
The design called Manning to the right is described as "the Liberty design team travelled to Iceland on an exploration of the senses to create a series of designs relating to the wonders of sight. Manning is a digital design created using photographs of Icelandic glaciers and mountains."

Liberty Fabrics--Kussman
Of course my favorite is the silhouettes of Icelandic horses.  Would this fabric not make a fabulous wall hanging or handbag or vest or saddle pad or anything else you can imagine?

Per the web site, " Kussman is a miniature jigsaw of Icelandic horse silhouettes. Horses born and reared in Iceland are bred from species dating back to the 9th and 10th Centuries."

The designer produces a series of fabrics inspired by William Morris' trip to Iceland--be sure and check out Manning, Volcanism, Samols, Ranga , Branch Flower, Solsetur. 
The fabric is sold by Liberty Arts and certain colors are out of stock.

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