Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hal Takes Over for Blessi

Back in April, I signed Blessi and me up for a Riding Across America segment. RFD TV was coming to Burlington WA to film several episodes on trail riding, police horse clinic, cattle sorting, and extreme trail. I thought what a great opportunity to get an Icelandic on TV, especially when Blessi is good at stuff like this.
Well Blessi got a scratched cornea right before filming and his pupil was still dilated from the atropine. Plus the outdoor arena and in-door arena were very dusty (and the smoke bomb made everybody tear up), so I am glad that I did not take him. My friend Kathy was able to take one of her Icelandics Halistjarni from Silvercreek Icelandics to the clinic instead. Joelle Peter did a great job riding this horse (she helped to train him.)  This young, little horse has only been on 3 trail rides and has about 6 -8  months under saddle. He did a great job representing the Icelandic breed.

Here is a link to the trail horse challenge video that Kathy filmed.  Note Hal has already been sold. 

And here are Hal and Joelle in the Police Horse clinic.  Hal often showed the larger horses what to do by going over or toward obstacles on the ground.  He was not too sure about smoke or fire-- at first  he wanted to keep his rider safe from these scarey things. 

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