Friday, August 30, 2013

Blessi and the Plum Festival

Yesterday, I gave Blessi a bath. I spent extra time on his mane and tail--even used Cowboy Magic.
Blessi and Jett are good friends despite the
age and size difference.

As I was leading Blessi back to the pasture, I fed him a ripe plum. Blessi will chew on a plum for 5 minutes getting all the juicy pulp off the pit before spitting the pit out. I put him back in his pasture and Blessi still was chewing on the plum.
Jett, a 4-year old, 16.3 hand paint built like a tank, comes up to the gate to welcome Blessi back. Jett is still young and is sometimes overenthusiastic in his greetings.  Jett immediately approached Blessi and  started nipping at Blessi's mouth--which was a bit rude and too forward for a proper horse greeting.
Blessit started ramming his chest into Jett's chest to force Jett back a few steps. You should have seen the look in Jett's face--it was like "Sorry, sorry, I was rude but I was so glad to see you." Jett was then allowed to nip at Blessi's nose. In fact, Jett somehow sucked the plum right out of Blessi's mouth! After the proper greetings were concluded, Blessi immediately rolled in the dirt and became a mud pony.

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