Thursday, August 15, 2013

Benefits of Chickens Around the Barn

The stable where I board Blessi had a rooster and two hens that just showed up several years ago.  Recently one of the hens disappeared for a few weeks.  It turns out that she was incubating a huge nest of eggs that she did not want turned into omelets.  So the chicken population has exploded from 3 to 22.  Here is a photo of the gorgeous rooster.

I love the fact that this rooster is beautiful and a bit shy.  Blessi and I boarded at one barn where the neighbor's rooster came after me every time I tried to remove Blessi from the pasture.  Blessi was allowed to be part of his flock but I was not.

Chickens bring plenty of benefits to the barn.  They help with bombproofing the horses, they eat insects and larvae that mature into insects, clean up any oats or feed that can attract rodents.

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