Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blessi and the Gate Crashers

The stable owner is replacing the fencing on half of the pastures. So many of the horses are put in larger groups than normal. Blessi was put with Wasim, and two other geldings in the back pasture that is forest and grass. I went to get Blessi but Wasim and the two other geldings were trying to get out the gate. Many horses have a problem staying in this pasture because it is out of sight of the barn and most other horses.  It happens to be Blessi's favorite pasture since it has shade or sun, plus grass; he is the only horse that will happily stay in this pasture by himself.
Blessi and his new best friend JR

Wasim was chasing the other geldings away from the gate and squeeling and kicking. He was not happy in this pasture. Blessi was not having any of this falderol. He stood about 20 feet back watching the other geldings being disciplined by Wasim.  Blessi, being a sensible Icelandic, was not going to get into a kicking match with the other horses at the gate when there was plenty of good grass elsewhere especially when there was no grass at the gate.
That day the stable owner had to help me get Blessi out of the pasture.  After playing with Blessi, I thought I would put him in the pasture next to the Gypsy Vanner stallion. I took him into the pasture and almost had his halter off when I realized that there was no fencing!!!! That is when I learned that the stable owner  was replacing the fences. Blessi would have had a grand time running off the property and onto the neighbor's yard with all the good grass.
Wazim is guarding the gate as the other geldings approach.
Blessi is hanging back where the grass is located.
I went back to the stable today.  Blessi met JR the gelding for the first time today and the barn help reported that they started grooming each other immediately.  The geldings had decided that this pasture was OK but they were still hanging at the gate except for Blessi and JR.  As you can see by the photo, Blessi has convinced JR that they should stay away from the gate crashers!

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